AC Capacitor Replacement

It’s the middle of the summer when the heat is at its highest with no signs of letting up. You’re planning on having family stay with you next week, and then your air conditioner goes out. Great! What could have happened? Although it is sometimes more difficult for an untrained eye to spot, it could be an issue with your AC capacitor. Trust the experts at Yoder’s Heat & Air, LLC to provide you with an accurate diagnosis for your faulty cooling system. Call us at 601-707-8961 today with questions about your AC capacitor in Hattiesburg, MS or the surrounding areas.

About AC Capacitors

Air conditioner capacitors can be found in a few different shapes and sizes. Depending on the unit, it could contain one or several capacitors. Here are the different types of motors found in cooling systems:

  • Compressor Motor Run Capacitor: This is the capacitor that fails most often. Typically, this is a dual capacitor, having two in one.
  • Indoor Blower Motor Run Capacitor: This is a small, single capacitor that assists in starting and running the indoor blower motor.
  • Outside Fan Motor Run Capacitor: Similar to the indoor blower motor capacitor, this is the smaller capacitor that helps to operate the outside fan that blows through the outside coils
  • Start Capacitor: Included in some models of air conditioners, this is an auxiliary start capacitor that helps jump start the unit if necessary. These are typically not as common.

Why Capacitors Go Bad


When It Comes to Replacing Your AC Capacitors, Leave It to the Experts.

The decline of a capacitor is measured in units called “micro farads” or “capacitance”. When produced, capacitors are labeled with the specifications of their capacitance, and a range. This range tells what is the allowed operating range for the capacitor. If the capacitor begins to go south, the capacitance measured will be outside of the labeled range. Without the proper tools and knowledge, this can sometimes be difficult to find. And with there being a high risk of shock, we recommend only having a professional look into this for you.

With over 45 years of experience, we have seen our fair share of AC capacitors. We only use American made capacitors of the highest quality to make sure you get the most for your money. We would be more than happy to assist you in getting your cooling system back up and running. So if you are cooling problems believe that need AC capacitor replacement in Hattiesburg, MS, contact Yoder’s Heat & Air, LLC at 601-707-8961 today.