Air Conditioner Motor Repair and Replacement

AC Motor

An AC Motor Malfunction is Something That Our Experts Can Easily Repair or Replace for You.

No one wants to go without a home air conditioner, especially during those warmer months. If your air conditioner is on the fritz, there could be a number of things wrong with it. One of the most common issues is the AC motor. But to be sure, you should always call in a knowledgeable professional. That’s where Yoder’s Heat & Air, LLC comes in. So if you ever need an air conditioner motor repair or replacement in Hattiesburg, MS, be sure to call us at 601-707-8961.

Like any motor, if it’s working too hard, the air conditioner motor can become overheated. This can also happen if it doesn’t receive the proper maintenance regularly. We know that this Mississippi heat can take a toll on all of us, including our air conditioner. The stress from all the hard work that is done throughout those warmer months can cause an AC unit to burn out. We highly recommend scheduling regular maintenance, at least once a year. This will ensure that your AC motors are working in good condition and are able to last for years to come.

What happened to my AC motor?

There are two motors that an air conditioner uses: the blower fan inside and the outdoor unit fan which helps release hot air to the outside. There’s a disruption that is caused when either of these motors is not working which hinders your home’s cooling system from functioning properly. A common reason for a malfunctioning motor is dirt that is inside the cabinet. The air filter typically protects the AC from any dirt or debris. If it becomes clogged or broken, the motors can become less efficient due to the pollutants that are forming inside.

If you’re having trouble getting the fan motor to start at all, the trouble may lie within the starter capacitor and not the motor. This device sends out the voltage which jump starts the motor. Any damage to the wire can cause the capacitor to fail and stop the motor from starting.

You may ask, “What is the best way for me to avoid having this issue?” The answer is preventative maintenance. The pros at Yoder’s Heat & Air, LLC offers regular maintenance for your air conditioner. So if you think you’re having issues with your air conditioner motor in Hattiesburg, MS, call us today at 601-707-8961. Why go anywhere else? Trust the experts that have been working to a higher standard and serving south central Mississippi for over 45 years.