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Geothermal System

Learn More About How You Can Conserve Energy With a Geothermal System.

We all could stand to save a bit more money. So what if we told you that we could potentially cut the cost of your heating and cooling by up to 80%? It’s completely possible with a geothermal system. Geothermal cooling and heating systems take advantage of the consistent underground temperature by utilizing a piping system, known as the “loop”. Water flows through the loop to transfer heat between the ground source heat pump, your home, and the earth, thus providing heating and cooling at high levels of efficiency. Want to learn more about geothermal systems in Hattiesburg, MS? Call Yoder’s Heat & Air, LLC at 601-707-8961.

Geothermal Cooling

During the summer, the geothermal cooling system absorbs heat from your home and transports it to the loop that lies underground. It is then absorbed by the cool earth. Then, the cool water, returning from the ground, is used by the geothermal heat pump to create cool, dry air conditioning for your home.

When the air is the hottest outdoors, that’s when you need cooling the most! The conventional air source heat pump has to work hard to force the heat from your home into the outside air that is already saturated with heat. On the other hand, the geothermal cooling system is much more energy efficient. It uses less energy as it easily rejects heat into the cool earth.

Geothermal Heating

In the winter, the geothermal heating system absorbs heat that is stored in the ground through water that is circulating in the underground loop. This heat is then carried to the source heat pumps and is concentrated, then pushed into your home as comfortable warm air.

It is coldest outside when you need heating the most. A geothermal heat pump system uses less energy when it easily absorbs heat from the ample supply under your home, thus making the geothermal heating much more energy efficient. In contrast, the typical air source heat pump is forced to work hard to draw out the amount of heat from the cold air to be able to properly heat your home.

To provide heat to your home, gas furnaces have to burn natural gas which is only about 98% effective. But geothermal systems collect heat from the earth, using a considerably less amount of energy, and are approximately 400-600% more efficient.

The less energy you use, the more money you can save. So don’t continue to miss out on these savings. Call Yoder’s Heat & Air, LLC with any inquiries that you may have about getting a geothermal system installed or repaired in your Hattiesburg, MS house. Contact us online or reach us at 601-707-8961.